The GateKeepers of Freedom Explained

The GateKeepers of Freedom Explained

Arcade Drivers School

The Gatekeepers of Freedom– We believe Freedom is the greatest gift we can give a family.

The number one answer given by teenagers to, “Why are you here at Arcade”? is FREEDOM. 

The WHY?

When teenagers receive their permit they obtain the first symbol of adulthood.

Their parents know they have just reached a significant stage in their lives and they have crossed over from a child to a young adult.

This is both a change for the parent and the new young adult and their relationship will never be quite the same.

Their child has just reached the first stages of FREEDOM.

  • Freedom to earn a wage and help support their family.
  • Freedom to explore and discover the city (the lake, the park, events and concerts).
  • Freedom to transport their siblings, family members and do things for their parents.
  • Freedom to go to school and educate themselves.
  • Freedom to visit a loved one or friend that may be sick or in trouble at any time. 

The How?

It’s very important for teenagers to be ready for that freedom because it allows them to discover their potential and opportunities, and it’s crucial for families to benefit from their teenager having that freedom… We are the Gatekeepers to that Freedom and we are commissioned to guide that new adult into the responsibilities of FREEDOM.

The What?

Arcade Drivers School is Wisconsin’s first family owned and operated driving school and source of driver education giving high quality driving instruction in Milwaukee and surrounding areas at a great price.

We emphasize defensive driving techniques and concepts for example:

  • stopping at a red light
  • crossing an uncontrolled intersection
  • checking blind spots
  • changing lanes
  • proper hand positions & braking
  • Defensive driving techniques

These are just a few concepts that we introduce as we have hundreds more.

Arcade is spread all over the city of Milwaukee in numerous locations to make it convenient for parents and young people to visit and our instructors are well trained, experienced and friendly and the reputation of our company is impeccable. 

The Last Stage

The last stage for the new young adult is obtaining their driver’s license. Once they receive their driver’s license they have the official certification to FREEDOM and we are confident we have poured into a them a great foundation of knowledge they will need to enjoy their new FREEDOM and this will allow the parent to be a little more at ease that their new young adult has the proper tools to succeed and BE SAFE. 

In Summary:

What sets us apart from other driving schools is we are not just teaching techniques, theories and statistics about driving.

WE ARE TEACHING ABOUT LIFE! They are stepping out of one dimension into another and all the responsibilities and possibilities that brings to a young adults future.

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