Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believingeyes

With all of the great new gadgets, cameras, lights and screens drivers have access to in new cars these days, you can easily understand why most of us have gotten quite lazy in safe driving techniques.

Driving in a new car with a backup camera and warning signals that inform you if someone is in your blind spot, doesn’t exactly encourage turning your head to view the back window or looking over your shoulder to see if someone is coming. Of course, all vehicles do not have these features, but a lot of them do, especially the new models.

We are often asked by new drivers if they can forego the old fashioned way of looking and instead depend on the new technology.

Our response is….Seeing is Believing.

Although the new technology is wonderful to have, your own eyes and actually looking is still the best method. We simply suggest using the technology in partnership with seeing the real thing with your own eyes.

So don’t give up on the tried and true methods of actually looking, use technology to confirm what you see with your own eyes.


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