Distractions Leading the Way to Danger

Distractions Leading the Way to Danger

There are a lot of reasons the leading cause of teenage deaths is car accidents. Statistics show about 10,000 to about 15,000 of our youth every year our lost due to accidents. We know that about 95% are due to driver error ,which means this is preventable.

A recent teen distractedCNN study showed that about 68% of teen accidents are related to or caused by distractions in the car, primarily because of other teens traveling with the driver. We all know and have seen this scenario; four or five teens packed in a car, they are singing, dancing, texting and laughing, and the driver is engaged as well.

While there is nothing wrong with teenagers having a good time and enjoying one another’s company, this can be especially dangerous while driving as most new drivers do not have the experience or maturity to handle that situation safely.

We often stress to our students that, who you have in the car with you often will determine how safe you will be. So we stress be careful who you allow in the car with you, and who you will travel with as a passenger.

It really can determine life or death.

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