Become an Arcade Alumni Member: Part of a Family

Become an Arcade Alumni Member: Part of a family

One of the coolest campaigns and promotions that Arcade is presenting this year is the: Arcade Alumni Program.

On permit test day or later, Arcade students will have the opportunity to become an Alumni member.

How doeArcade Alumni Card Agains it work?

We present the students a  special card that explains where to sign up and what that means.

The program makes them eligible for discounts, prizes and special offers, as Arcade becomes more and more allied with companies in the community, such as Toppers Pizza, Gamestop, The Milwaukee Bucks etc.  We want our students, parents and even our staff to know , how much we appreciate them and that they are part of a family.

This initiative will allow us to stay connected with our customers for a greater part of their lives and will give us a chance to send information, news and updates about our schools,present referral programs and send helpful information that will continue to assist our customers as they become new drivers.

At Arcade, we love to be able to offer our customers something our competitors cannot.

We are really excited about this and we know our students will be as well, and it starts tonight!

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