A Great Spokesman for Safety: Andrew Hobbs

 A Great Spokesman for Safety: Andrew Hobbs

Here at Arcade, safety is our biggest concern. We teach the subject in so many ways and use so many techniques to get the point across. Although the subject is very important , it is a challenge to teach it in a way that is fresh, interesting and creative. We beAndrew Hobbs Racinglieve that teaching a subject as important as driving safety takes extra effort and innovation.

One of the ways to keep students attention is to have a spokesmen that has a interesting story, someone that can relate to students and present someone who has a rare professional, and yes looks pretty cool doing it.

We are proud to announce that professional race car driver Andrew Hobbs, son of Greg Hobbs of David Hobbs Honda, has agreed to be our main spokesmen in a series of public service announcements that encourage students to be safe including:

  • Seat Belt Safety
  • Texting and Driving
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Slowing Down and controlling speed

These are just a few examples of subject matters that will be covered and we hope to air these on radio and television. He has also agreed to a series of classroom appearances and making Arcade an official sponsor of his racing team and company.

We are so pleased to be a partner with a great company and this awesome young man will be a great asset in spreading the message of safety and saving young lives.



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