Tweak Your Attitude

Tweak Your Attitude

Everyone has heard at some point that, Attitude is Everything. This is especially true when it comes to driving and could be the difference in being safe or not.

Of course this sounds very obvious, but not so fast.

For example, a person who does not click their seatbelt on even though they know they would be safer to do so, probably has the attitude oattituder opinion that if they get into an accident, they would probably survive the crash. What they may not know is that your chances of survival in a crash go up by about 40% if your click in your belt.

There are many others that go over the speed limit almost every time they drive. What they may not know is that just a lowering of five miles per hour in speed sometimes is the difference between life or death or at  least the severity of the crash can be greatly diminished.

Drivers that do things that are unsafe or not do things to make them safe just need to know small changes can make the difference. Start with one thing at a time and slowly start gaining success.

When you go on a diet the last thing they say you should do is try to go cold turkey. Start with cutting back a little on salt, or a little on sugar, or choose a better snack each time until it becomes a habit.

The same is true with being a safe driver, start with clicking your seat belt, or slowing down a little, or letting everyone know to call if their is an emergency instead of texting while driving.

Tweaking your Attitude is what we ask until it becomes a real habit towards safety.