Tweak Your Attitude

Tweak Your Attitude

Everyone has heard at some point that, Attitude is Everything. This is especially true when it comes to driving and could be the difference in being safe or not.

Of course this sounds very obvious, but not so fast.

For example, a person who does not click their seatbelt on even though they know they would be safer to do so, probably has the attitude oattituder opinion that if they get into an accident, they would probably survive the crash. What they may not know is that your chances of survival in a crash go up by about 40% if your click in your belt.

There are many others that go over the speed limit almost every time they drive. What they may not know is that just a lowering of five miles per hour in speed sometimes is the difference between life or death or at  least the severity of the crash can be greatly diminished.

Drivers that do things that are unsafe or not do things to make them safe just need to know small changes can make the difference. Start with one thing at a time and slowly start gaining success.

When you go on a diet the last thing they say you should do is try to go cold turkey. Start with cutting back a little on salt, or a little on sugar, or choose a better snack each time until it becomes a habit.

The same is true with being a safe driver, start with clicking your seat belt, or slowing down a little, or letting everyone know to call if their is an emergency instead of texting while driving.

Tweaking your Attitude is what we ask until it becomes a real habit towards safety.

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Distractions Leading the Way to Danger

Distractions Leading the Way to Danger

There are a lot of reasons the leading cause of teenage deaths is car accidents. Statistics show about 10,000 to about 15,000 of our youth every year our lost due to accidents. We know that about 95% are due to driver error ,which means this is preventable.

A recent teen distractedCNN study showed that about 68% of teen accidents are related to or caused by distractions in the car, primarily because of other teens traveling with the driver. We all know and have seen this scenario; four or five teens packed in a car, they are singing, dancing, texting and laughing, and the driver is engaged as well.

While there is nothing wrong with teenagers having a good time and enjoying one another’s company, this can be especially dangerous while driving as most new drivers do not have the experience or maturity to handle that situation safely.

We often stress to our students that, who you have in the car with you often will determine how safe you will be. So we stress be careful who you allow in the car with you, and who you will travel with as a passenger.

It really can determine life or death.

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A Great Spokesman for Safety: Andrew Hobbs

 A Great Spokesman for Safety: Andrew Hobbs

Here at Arcade, safety is our biggest concern. We teach the subject in so many ways and use so many techniques to get the point across. Although the subject is very important , it is a challenge to teach it in a way that is fresh, interesting and creative. We beAndrew Hobbs Racinglieve that teaching a subject as important as driving safety takes extra effort and innovation.

One of the ways to keep students attention is to have a spokesmen that has a interesting story, someone that can relate to students and present someone who has a rare professional, and yes looks pretty cool doing it.

We are proud to announce that professional race car driver Andrew Hobbs, son of Greg Hobbs of David Hobbs Honda, has agreed to be our main spokesmen in a series of public service announcements that encourage students to be safe including:

  • Seat Belt Safety
  • Texting and Driving
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Slowing Down and controlling speed

These are just a few examples of subject matters that will be covered and we hope to air these on radio and television. He has also agreed to a series of classroom appearances and making Arcade an official sponsor of his racing team and company.

We are so pleased to be a partner with a great company and this awesome young man will be a great asset in spreading the message of safety and saving young lives.



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Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believingeyes

With all of the great new gadgets, cameras, lights and screens drivers have access to in new cars these days, you can easily understand why most of us have gotten quite lazy in safe driving techniques.

Driving in a new car with a backup camera and warning signals that inform you if someone is in your blind spot, doesn’t exactly encourage turning your head to view the back window or looking over your shoulder to see if someone is coming. Of course, all vehicles do not have these features, but a lot of them do, especially the new models.

We are often asked by new drivers if they can forego the old fashioned way of looking and instead depend on the new technology.

Our response is….Seeing is Believing.

Although the new technology is wonderful to have, your own eyes and actually looking is still the best method. We simply suggest using the technology in partnership with seeing the real thing with your own eyes.

So don’t give up on the tried and true methods of actually looking, use technology to confirm what you see with your own eyes.


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It’s Official: Arcade Drivers School & David Hobbs Honda

It’s Official: Arcade Drivers School & David Hobbs Honda

Arcade Drivers School & David Hobbs Honda have agreed to a strategic partnership. The two companies along with Easy Method Driving School will be involved in a number projects together including:

promoting safety 20160223_134347campaigns, video productions that include Andrew Hobbs, the son of Greg Hobbs and a professional racing driver being the face of a series of public service announcement’s, special discounts and offers for students and parents, and a number of cross promotion ideas.

David Hobbs Honda,  is one of the oldest and most recognized car dealerships in Wisconsin, with a great reputation and heard throughout the state on radio and TV.

Arcade Drivers School is the oldest and largest driving school in the state of Wisconsin, with thousands of students that enroll every year in multiple locations.

Arcade Drivers School & David Hobbs Honda, both parties agree, are a natural fit for success. (more to come on this story).

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The GateKeepers of Freedom Explained

The GateKeepers of Freedom Explained

Arcade Drivers School

The Gatekeepers of Freedom– We believe Freedom is the greatest gift we can give a family.

The number one answer given by teenagers to, “Why are you here at Arcade”? is FREEDOM. 

The WHY?

When teenagers receive their permit they obtain the first symbol of adulthood.

Their parents know they have just reached a significant stage in their lives and they have crossed over from a child to a young adult.

This is both a change for the parent and the new young adult and their relationship will never be quite the same.

Their child has just reached the first stages of FREEDOM.

  • Freedom to earn a wage and help support their family.
  • Freedom to explore and discover the city (the lake, the park, events and concerts).
  • Freedom to transport their siblings, family members and do things for their parents.
  • Freedom to go to school and educate themselves.
  • Freedom to visit a loved one or friend that may be sick or in trouble at any time. 

The How?

It’s very important for teenagers to be ready for that freedom because it allows them to discover their potential and opportunities, and it’s crucial for families to benefit from their teenager having that freedom… We are the Gatekeepers to that Freedom and we are commissioned to guide that new adult into the responsibilities of FREEDOM.

The What?

Arcade Drivers School is Wisconsin’s first family owned and operated driving school and source of driver education giving high quality driving instruction in Milwaukee and surrounding areas at a great price.

We emphasize defensive driving techniques and concepts for example:

  • stopping at a red light
  • crossing an uncontrolled intersection
  • checking blind spots
  • changing lanes
  • proper hand positions & braking
  • Defensive driving techniques

These are just a few concepts that we introduce as we have hundreds more.

Arcade is spread all over the city of Milwaukee in numerous locations to make it convenient for parents and young people to visit and our instructors are well trained, experienced and friendly and the reputation of our company is impeccable. 

The Last Stage

The last stage for the new young adult is obtaining their driver’s license. Once they receive their driver’s license they have the official certification to FREEDOM and we are confident we have poured into a them a great foundation of knowledge they will need to enjoy their new FREEDOM and this will allow the parent to be a little more at ease that their new young adult has the proper tools to succeed and BE SAFE. 

In Summary:

What sets us apart from other driving schools is we are not just teaching techniques, theories and statistics about driving.

WE ARE TEACHING ABOUT LIFE! They are stepping out of one dimension into another and all the responsibilities and possibilities that brings to a young adults future.

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Become an Arcade Alumni Member: Part of a Family

Become an Arcade Alumni Member: Part of a family

One of the coolest campaigns and promotions that Arcade is presenting this year is the: Arcade Alumni Program.

On permit test day or later, Arcade students will have the opportunity to become an Alumni member.

How doeArcade Alumni Card Agains it work?

We present the students a  special card that explains where to sign up and what that means.

The program makes them eligible for discounts, prizes and special offers, as Arcade becomes more and more allied with companies in the community, such as Toppers Pizza, Gamestop, The Milwaukee Bucks etc.  We want our students, parents and even our staff to know , how much we appreciate them and that they are part of a family.

This initiative will allow us to stay connected with our customers for a greater part of their lives and will give us a chance to send information, news and updates about our schools,present referral programs and send helpful information that will continue to assist our customers as they become new drivers.

At Arcade, we love to be able to offer our customers something our competitors cannot.

We are really excited about this and we know our students will be as well, and it starts tonight!

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The Road Test: A Learning Experience

The Road Test: A Learning Experience

Driving road testinstructors are often asked “Do you think I’ll pass the road test”?

Although instructors are reluctant to guarantee a successful road test, they can give their opinion based upon their experience and what they have seen by the student.

We have had students that we were shocked they did not pass the test, and their are students we were shocked they did pass the test.

There are many factors that can affect how well a student will do.

  • Nervousness
  • Too much time in between practicing sessions
  • Not paying attention to detail
  • Overthinking on the test
  • Under thinking on the test
  • No practice at home

As you can see, these factors can make a student who does well with the instructor  still do poorly on the test.

With a student we think may be ready to take the test, we recommend to call the DMV, schedule the appointment, take the test and see what happens.

The good news is, after the test, if you don’t pass, they will tell you exactly what you need to work on, plus the second time is always easier because you know what to expect and some of the nervousness dwindles the next time.

Use the DMV road test as a learning experience, whether you pass the test or not. (good luck)

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Wisconsin Weather: Always Something to Consider

Wisconsin Weather: Always Something to Consider

There is a long standing joke in Wisconsin..if you don’t like the weather, wait fifteen minutes!

In Wisconsin, we get it all, freezing,snowy,muggy,hot, beautiful,mild and rainy.

The change of weatweatherher can be an adventure and it can change on the dime in our state,

which makes it difficult sometimes to plan ahead and also how to prepare your trips in the city and even how to prepare your vehicle.

Well the obvious thing would be to watch the forecast as much as possible, but again our weather changes quickly and sometimes they get it wrong.

The best thing to do is use your common sense. Of course watch the forecast, but always be prepared for anything.

  • Make sure you have the proper clothing on
  • Use your own senses, what does it look like, what does it feel like
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good shape (oil changes, tires, plenty of gas etc.)
  • Watch your speed, slow down when appropriate
  • Make sure you have a cell phone

These are just small tips and advice you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in this unpredictable Wisconsin weather.

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The Gatekeepers of Freedom

The Gatekeepers of Freedom

Arcade Drivers School is embarking on a new campaign coming soon…The Gatekeepers of Freedom!

The whole premise of this statement is that our driving school holds the keys and the gates to  a whole new world for young people.

The number one term given by young people in our classes of why they want their permits and drivers licenses is..gatekeeper.

Well we want to be the gatekeepers of that freedom.

We will show our students exactly what that freedom looks like and the responsibilities and opportunities that come with that freedom.

We thought we’d just give you a taste of the campaign right now, but look for more to come on all of our promotions and websites coming soon.

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